Fluoride Treatment, Tampa, FL

Keep your child’s smile health with fluoride.

Your child needs to receive enough fluoride during childhood and into adulthood to keep their teeth healthy and strong. We often recommend fluoride treatments for our patients at Smile Cove Pediatric Dental to prevent tooth decay and keep children’s teeth as healthy as possible.

Fluoride Treatment in Tampa, Florida

Today, fluoride, which is a safe, naturally occurring mineral, can be found in water as well as in many foods. Although your child may receive a sufficient amount of fluoride when they eat or by using mouthwashes and toothpaste with fluoride, some do not get enough fluoride to keep their teeth healthy and strong.

When your child eats and drinks throughout the day, acids, sugars, and bacteria incrementally demineralize the enamel on the teeth. Fluoride works by re-mineralizing this lost tooth enamel while simultaneously preventing decay and strengthening the teeth. Because fluoride can actively strengthen teeth, it is especially important that young children receive enough fluoride to ensure the strength and health of their teeth.

When providing fluoride treatment, we apply a varnish or a foam directly to the surface of the teeth. We typically do this during routine dental cleanings, and there are no side effects from receiving treatment.

Our team members would be happy to answer any questions you have about fluoride treatment and the importance of receiving enough fluoride, especially during childhood. Contact our office in Tampa, Florida today to speak with one of our dental professionals or to set up your child’s next dental appointment.