Special Needs, Tampa, FL

Our dentists have experience working with special needs patients.

Special Needs in Tampa, FloridaWe proudly offer special needs dentistry at Smile Cove Pediatric Dental in Tampa, Florida. Our dentists have extensive experience working with special needs patients, and they love doing so. Our team members are friendly and gentle, and they will take as much time as needed to help your child feel comfortable while they are in the dental chair.

To help our special needs patients and other patients adjust to going to the dentist, we offer a complimentary field trip for any child. During this field trip, the patient can come into our office, take a ride in a dental chair, touch and feel our tools, and receive a prize. These field trips often help acclimate children to our office and end up resulting in a positive experience when it’s time for a dental cleaning and checkup.

Many children with special needs require specific services or additional care to maintain good oral health. Our pediatric dental office is dedicated to helping our special needs patients receive quality care in a comfortable, compassionate environment where they feel safe. We offer dental services for special needs children with a variety of conditions, including multiple sclerosis, down syndrome, developmental delays, cerebral palsy, and autism spectrum disorder.

We will work with you as the primary caregiver to create an individualized dental treatment plan that accounts for your child’s needs and their ability to tolerate treatment. Additionally, we will gladly modify treatments to accommodate specific needs and situations. For more information about our approach to special needs dentistry, contact us today.