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Our caring dentist can restore your child’s smile.

Despite your best efforts, your child may experience dental damage or get a cavity at some point. Our team offers high-quality restorative dentistry services to help restore your child’s smile and keep it healthy on a long-term basis.

Restorative Dentistry in Tampa, Florida

Our pediatric dentist at Smile Cove Pediatric Dental will work with you and your child to provide restorative dental work that improves the health, function, and beauty of your child’s smile. Some of the restorative dental solutions we offer at our practice in Tampa, Florida include dental crowns, dental fillings, gingivectomies, pulpotomies, silver diamine fluoride, and temporary dental fillings.

When providing restorative dental services, our goal is to return your child’s smile to a healthy, functional state. It is essential that you restore your child’s primary (baby) teeth and their permanent adult teeth when damage happens. Even though baby teeth are temporary, they still serve an important function in the mouth. If they are lost or damaged prematurely, this can result in damage to the adult teeth as well.

A healthy smile as an adult begins with a healthy smile as a child. We are here to help your child gain their healthiest smile for life, and our restorative treatments will enhance your child’s oral health, so they can smile confidently and without any inhibition.

We would be happy to tell you more about the restorative dentistry options we offer at our dental practice. To learn more or to schedule your child’s next dental appointment, reach out to us today.